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06-Nov-2020 00:54

Game developer Nicole Lazzaro, founder of XEODesign, agrees that that VR and gaming could open up new experiences for the elderly in the future, and that it will go beyond simple entertainment.She is working on a game called Follow the White Rabbit that targets emotions to deepen the VR experience.“These hits of dopamine and oxytocin sustain us on a physical and emotional level,” says Kelton, the founder of Bad Online and the author of .“Interestingly,’’ she adds, “we can get these doses of pleasure hormones from social networks and gaming, as well as from in-person interactions.” Many technologies, including wearables and robotics, will create Brave New Worlds for dating and relationships, as we get older.In 50 years they might be walking through a re-creation of the halls of their old high school.About 60 percent of seniors are already online today, on social networks, gaming platforms or dating sites such as Our There are companies that are filming 360 degree video from multitudes of heights and perspectives to allow users to participate in movies, rather than just watch them.

The first wave of VR is already on the horizon, too. Google (GOOG) has created a whole selection of cardboard VR viewers you can use with your cell phone.With six separate spaces for individual VR use, multiple people will be able to enjoy the experiences at one time, and with a new experience released every 3 months, guests will have an ever-growing list of adventures from which to choose.