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09-Sep-2020 23:07

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So, if it's got an "ac" code and no other marks on the slide..... Walther stopped using their commercial markings on the PP late in the war (late 1944 I've been told) and went to the 'ac' marking to help speed production, along with other short cuts along the way.

As already stated, the 'ac' marking was not used at any other time other than during WW2 production by Walther. I have a Walther PP for sale, and I have a guy who wants to buy it, but he won't buy it unless I can prove that it is war time.

What would be a fair price of a pistol of this vintage in 98% condition, in your estimation?

I realize there is an element of subjectivity to this but you appear to be very knowledgeable about these pistols (about which i have admitted i know very little).

Hello, i am new to Walther pistols and am buying one with what appears to be a horizontal "N" with something (crown? If the guy is to [sic] lazy to do his own research and has no idea what he is looking at he will probably come back complaining anyway... So the question is, how much tolerance do you have in dealing with jerks?

Came with a Walther banner magazine and original holster.What resources (internet and books) are out there that might help me improve my knowledge of these pistols since i am about to be the owner of one?

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