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07-Feb-2021 12:01

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The BMW Coding Tool 2.50 allows you to update your SP-DATEN (Data files) automatically instead of manually installing the files by copy and pasting files.

It will automatically update the files that require replacing and skip the files that you don’t need! We need to set our default folders for NCSExpert, Win KFP, and EDIABAS. Set Default NCS Expert folder Set Default Ediabas folder Set defualt Win KFP -NFS folder Shw default folders Set custom picture Reset windows size Sort list items Show NCS Coding only 2.

In case you don’t have the time or desire to keep your PHP Melody up-to-date, we’re here to help.

Our team can ensure your PHP Melody installation is always up-to-date by applying the new update packages.

Once all the folders are set we can now proceed to updating our SPDatens.

Doing this by selecting the “Select SP-source” button and then select the folder with the new SPDaten.

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Our final document to update is datetime Routine of 2017-01-07 AM and in this case, we won’t add a notes field because our first Treadmill Run value had notes explaining how this is formatted.Before we begin querying related documents in our Azure Cosmos DB, we’ll add five more documents which follow similar structure to the documents that we updated – we can add these directly with the “New Document” option or through the Shell (I’ve formatted it for the Shell, but either will add the document): When we’re done adding the five documents, after refreshing the collection, we’ll see the total of ten documents – the _id field will differ in your Azure Cosmos DB, since this field is automatically generated: Next, we’ll query our database for our Treadmill Runs and we’ll notice that in our output we get a lot of fields that we may not want – such as the _id field and the type field (since it’s already being filtered for in this query).Just like with selecting columns in SQL Server, we may only want to select some fields from a collection.Similar to a technique we use in SQL Server, with Azure Cosmos DB, we can update a document by first removing the document and adding the document again (notice how the _id field will change – which is automatically created since this is a Mongo DB API).

This technique becomes incredibly useful when we have a development situation where we work with full documents in an object-level that may have many fields change and we want to simply remove and add the document.

Additions would be another field – it wouldn’t update an existing field.

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