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16-Jun-2020 08:55

, for giving Hylant the opportunity to be part of the Smart 50 awards.

This year’s honorees have made, and I’m confident will continue to make, a noticeable impact on the communities, industries and organizations that they work and live in.

I continue to be humbled and inspired by the level of engagement each leader has with their organization.

Each leader is unique, yet they all share a similar passion for the work they do.

This has helped the company broaden its client base and achieve significant growth, expanding beyond its startup days as a small operation assembling gift baskets to become a large, one-of-a-kind facility meeting unique market needs.

Under Abraham’s leadership, the Accel team has overcome production hurdles to meet these needs while keeping costs low for clients by obtaining additional certifications, hosting engineering meetings and testing new equipment.

Today, it remains a family-owned business, led by third-generation President Justin Bates, and has expanded across 49 states.Its corporate training program consists of hands-on and classroom learning, with continued education through web-based programs.