What is normal dating behavior

20-Apr-2020 11:51

Dudes who have photos of birds in their dating profiles: You've been warned. I think they are dumb, and if a guy uses them, I am totally put off, but what the hell do I know, I'm apparently dead inside when it comes to relationships.

That disclaimer said, I will say if a guy uses emojis in his profile, automatic X." — "I joined Tinder as a joke one day just to see what was on there.

Ugh, or ending every sentence or message with 'haha.'" — "If you read my text or email and I know you did, and you didn't get back to me, that bothers me.

I [also] feel like exclamation points, question marks and dashes are a must, because if I don't know it's you, it's real easy to misread or take texts the wrong way." — "Probably only two things: either a just completely unpalatable level of bad grammar (I can ignore a little bit given the nature of this particular venue), or someone who is conceited to a cartoonish degree.

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I am not talking about finding a soulmate, nor am I talking about perfect halves, or 'you complete me' ideas.

At that same time, my co-worker's daughter was doing the same thing.