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David De Angelo explains everything using simple and basic methods that any guy can do.

The very core attitude that he emphasizes on this book is the “Cocky and Funny” attitude.

But there's still a fine line between confirming your interest and coming across as overeager. You could let the unanswered text go, but that's kind of like giving him a free ticket to ghost-land.

Here are seven questions you should ask yourself before even thinking about... If you keep things "chill" and don't double text, you'll still stew over it. I have drafted texts carefully in the notes section of my phone, copied and pasted, and felt my quivering thumb hesitate to press send on a double text.

The Good Part You will learn the fundamental techniques on how to efficiently create attraction with women.

Double Your Dating will allow you to correct your previous mistakes on the subject of communicating with girls.

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