White men dating black women oprah

04-Mar-2020 02:25

Like November and May, February is one of those months when TV most resembles a carnival.

For sheer audacity and ratings smarts, though, nothing has topped black Oprah Winfrey’s venture into an area whose white-might ugliness had recently attracted global media attention.(That Monday’s “Oprah” had the show’s highest national ratings ever, drawing a 69% audience share in Atlanta and 65% in Denver, for example.

"That was disturbing." Rock discovered the hottest hair on the market is found in India, where human hair is the number two export behind software.

"This is some of the worst poverty in the world," he says.

More than ever, it’s a time of titillating sales pitches and TV tailored solely to enticing viewers. Even if Phil Donahue was an unwitting pawn in a Soviet public relations campaign, as some insist, his shows spoke for themselves.

At stake are ratings that set local advertising rates. February’s best and most spectacular TV to date--last Monday’s “Oprah” segment from nearly all-white Cumming, Ga.--was on KABC-TV Channel 7. Yes, “Donahue” aired five segments from “The Soviet Union” last week (on KNBC Channel 4), a remarkable advancement in freer broadcast expression between the two super powers.

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(OPRAH.com) -- Chris Rock is an Emmy-winning comedian, devoted husband and loving father --but it's time to get to know a new side of this funnyman. It's a detour he took after an innocent carpool ride left Rock with an idea he just couldn't shake.

Black women can spend six to eight hours getting their hair braided into tiny sections.

"In India, hair is considered a vanity, and removing hair is considered an act of self-sacrifice," he says.