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09-Jan-2021 00:28

Speculations about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton allegedly calling off their wedding plans have been making rounds online these past few days.

There are even claims stating that the pair is now on a “verge of a split” two years since they confirmed their relationship to the public.

He takes your on again-off again relationship and turns it into a tale of never-ending love.

I'm a second generation Persian-American, born and raised in San Francisco, and my favorite musical genre is country. The guy just has an undeniable knack for justifying our deepest, darkest desires when it comes to our romantic lives.

Her romance with Blake was made public in October of 2015 when they were spotted packing on the PDA at two separate Halloween parties.

While the spotlight was focused on the 41-year-old country charmer and 47-year-old pop star, Miranda Lambert did a great job hiding her relationship with Anderson East.

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" Wade, who insists a romance could "totally happen" between the two superstars, tells the outlet, "I think just having known the two of them I could kinda see that. She is so sweet and Blake is the eternal charmer so I could see that would easily happen!

They have confided in each other in a way they really can’t with others because they both know how it feels being a celeb and going through stuff like this.

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She was reportedly busy working on her new album “With my songwriting, it’s taking a journey with what’s been going on in my everyday life — good, bad, ugly and everything in between.

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I feel like the right thing to do was just come out with something really honest,” she added.“Gwen saved my life.Gwen Stefani previously shared to she is afraid that her current relationship would fail just like her first marriage.