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Rumors had surfaced back in 2010 during the boot camp of X-Factor as she and fellow contestant Liam Payne seemed to click instantly and almost every other contestant felt there was some kind of spark between them, some were even surprised since neither knew each other before the auditions and had hit off, even before the start of the show.Some of them suggested, they quietly even got into a room together and came out red-faced, possibly trying to hide something. Cher, then got into another relationship within a few months with another fellow contestant, Zayn Malik, who was also a finalist of the same show.It was mainly because Monk posted a photo on his twitter account along with Cher with the two being in an embrace suggesting their closeness.One follower had even commented that Craig was lucky to have someone like Cher by his side to which Monk had jokingly replied back that Cher thought she was rather lucky to have Monk.

She studied at As of early 2019, Cher Lloyd's net worth is reported to be around million that she has collected from her professional singing and acting career. The record sales of album Sticks and Stones was 0,000 in 2011.After dating each other for about a year, they decided to get engaged and they got engaged in January 2012.Teen Choice Awards is also one of the prestigious awards in the music world and everyone fells honored if they win this award.Cher, 23, is refocussing her sights on UK stardom after spending recent years living in the US.

But after leaving her high-profile record label, she has new music on the horizon and was keen to emphasise that her brief feud with the Girls Aloud star is a thing of the past."We made up ages ago," she said, referring to an awkward moment several years ago when she appeared to make a dig at Cheryl's use of auto-tune."I had gotten married and she tweeted me and then when she got married I tweeted her."I'd hope to bump into her.

Nothing of that sort happened though but their relationship ended quite soon because of reasons not quite stated.