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Talking about her early life, she was born as only child of Angelena and John Wesley Rice, Jr.She was born on November 14, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama.

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She has somehow managed to look hot and sexy with a well-maintained body.

(Rice denies all of the assumptions about what she must be like, except the one about the subservient wife - no, she would not fit that particular description.) As for getting to choose between being the first female president or being happily married to a hunky NFL football player, I'll let all of you throw your own darts at that one. I know it's hard for people in Washington to believe, because Washington is very much its own conversation.

Here's how Rice responded: "I'm well beyond the age at which I'm about to be married to an NFL football player, but I am -- very much love what I do. But there is nothing better than being in a classroom with really, really brilliant students, and opening up new worlds to them in the way that a profession opened up new worlds to me. She has the kind of love that is not the stuff of fairy tales or romantic lyrics. Maybe someday, in some interview, someone can pose that as a possibility. UPDATE: Here's another take on that interview from the B*tch Magazine blog.[Thanks to my older brother for the tip about this interview.]Thanks for sharing this information Bella.

In her response to Morgan's first question, Rice had said that she "expected to grow up and get married like any nice Southern girl." In fielding Morgan's persistent queries, she's still playing nice.

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Having established that Rice is going to tow the party line on marriage, Morgan's next set of questions, I think, are aimed at investigating the next issue - if you are into marriage, but you are in your 50s and have never been married, what's going on? That's what I read into his lines of questioning about whether she resists being subservient, whether she would be "quite tough," and whether she is "high maintenance." To me, those are ways of saying - OK, you may be interested in marrying, but maybe no one would be interested in you.

Right after that Rice attended an International Politics course taught by Josef Korbel and then she discovered her interest in the Soviet Union and international relations.

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