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06-Nov-2020 10:08

When Berg's family started to worry, the police brushed them off, claiming he'd probably just run away. But Berg's dad wasn't convinced, so he offered a ,000 reward for info and hired himself a private eye.

Eventually, Berg's remains were found near the city of Freeport, but who disposed of Berg's body?

Harrelson and Louie have lived in a sustainable community of about 200 people on Maui, Hawaii with their children.

Harrelson has stated: Harrelson and Louie have three daughters together – Deni Montana (born February 28, 1993), Zoe Giordano (born September 22, 1996), and Makani Ravello (born June 3, 2006).

But while the man has found success in Tinseltown, Harrelson didn't have a privileged upbringing. The man was a contract killer who hired himself out to drug lords and greedy businessmen.

Along with his two siblings, Harrelson was raised by his mom, who worked as a secretary and did all the parenting alone. And in addition to murdering for money, Charles Harrelson has even become a mythical figure in the conspiracy theory world.

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As it turns out, this detective was named Claude Harrelson, and yeah, he was totally related to a certain Oscar-nominated actor and his hitman father.

Born in 1938, Charles Harrelson was a man who couldn't stop moving.

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