Who is david cook dating now not intimidating

25-Aug-2020 00:48

reports is named Lesley Cook, is a 34-year-old mother of two very young children.

Lesley is a DIY blogger and a native of Orange County and has been posting about how much she loves Laguna (in between photos of her two precious children, of course).

This may shed some light on Shannon Beador's desire to boot David off of .

Maybe she could swallow her pride enough to film necessary conflict scenes for her divorce storyline. No offense to Lesley, who has surely done nothing wrong, but that might be too much to bear for poor Shannon.

If someone can make him laugh, then she is the one with whom Archuleta wants to get married!

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We suppose that, since David Beador stopped loving Shannon when she got "fat," David's pretty focused on making sure that his new lady love is in good shape.In the captions of the photo of the two of them, which was posted on January 14th, Lesley simply wrote: "Bumped into this guy ..." Lesley said that the photo was at 2am in Las Vegas when speaking to her aunt.

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