Who is jason newsted dating

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A heavy metal spirit drummer, Lars Ulrich had published that he was looking for a person to jam with.After that James joined him and the two formed the heavy metal band, the Metallica in October 1981.But during the popularity, the giant leaders, James and Ulrich had cold war and had many conflicts even while recording the album.In 1992 when Metallica toured with Guns and Roses to promote their album.

He suffered second and third-degree burnt on the left side of his body. However, they worked hard and made a come back from the 9th album, Death Magnetic in 2008.During his teens, he was involved in many small bands including- Leather Charm, Obsession.His life turned after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper, about an opening in a band. In an interview he said "He would be in the crowd cheering them (Metallica) on." They are still friends but its a very strained realtionship.

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James was born to Cynthia Bassett (a light opera singer) and Virgil Lee Hetfield (a truck driver) on 3rd August 1963 in Downey, California.

During that time the metal music was not preferred by the audiences.