Who is kadeem hardison dating

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Their daughter's name is Sophia Hardison and was born just a year before their marriage. Find out more about the former couple's relationship.Chante who is now 50 years old talked about her former husband, Kadeem in an interview with Madame Noire.The reason for their divorce wasn't disclosed, but in an interview with Madame Noire, Kadeem's ex-wife, Chante mentioned that Kadeem was a good husband and was a great father.He appreciates for who I was and who I am and we grew together that’s what friendship is about whether or not we’re married or lovers or whatever the case is, you have to know who you're with and he and I spent a lot of time together.If you are into R&B music, then you might recognize Chante Morre who is an award-winning songwriter and singer.You might remember that Chante Morre and the famous American actor Kadeem Hardison, 52, were married back in 1997. Chante and her husband Kadeem had a daughter before they married. Although their marriage didn't go long, according to Moore, they are still good friends and have a healthy relationship so far.Many of us watched the show and remember the undeniable chemistry between Dwayne and Whitley.So we were completely preoccupied with whether or not they were dating in real life.

Kadeem Hardison (born July 24, 1965) is an American actor and director. Undercover as Craig Cooper, the title character's father.

He is best known for his role Dwayne Wayne on A Different World, a spin-off of the long-running NBC sitcom The Cosby Show. Kadeem played Norman in OWN's Love Is_ before being abruptly cancelled after renewed for Season 2.

As of 2019, he is starring in Showtime drama, Black Monday.

None of us over here had a clue that just like that Billy Paul song, Cree and Kadeem had a thing going on and a serious thing at that- they were together for a year and based on all of the pics we found in our research, they were apparently joined at the hip during their year of dating bliss.

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If so, that’s understandable because her character, “Whitley Gilbert,” connected so well with her on-screen love “Dwayne-Wayne,” that she would have seemed like the obvious choice, but NOPE it’s the actress who played the flower child type college student on the show.His movies include Rappin', School Daze, Def by Temptation, Vampire in Brooklyn, 30 Years to Life, Made of Honor, Escapee, The 6th Man, Drive, Renaissance Man, Panther, The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life Is Not a Fairy Tale, Bratz, Biker Boyz, Who's Your Daddy? He appears as an actor in the 2013 Play Station 3 exclusive video game Beyond: Two Souls as Cole Freeman.