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15-Apr-2020 21:00

They met performing together at the 2012 Lunar New Year show for a major Chinese network and apparently it was love at first sight.Since then they have been photographed watching a movie together (Life of Pi), posting pictures of the two of them hanging out alone or with respective family members, seemingly holding hands behind A Mei in a picture when they visited her new nightspot, posting romantic cryptic Weibo messages that the other would seemingly respond to hours later, and on and on.The pair were spotted entering a building with a gynecological clinic and later at a skincare center.At that time, Leehom Wang even drove her home, causing fans to wonder who she was and why she received special treatment. It looks like Jinglei already caught Leehom’s eyes years ago, although was subsequently romantically linked with A-mei (张惠妹), Shu Qi (舒淇), Crystal Liu (刘亦菲) and even rumored in a homosexual relationship with pianist Li Yundi (李雲迪).She’s attentive, humorous, kind, smart, beautiful, attentive and does everything in his interest.”The last week seemed like a true fairy tale for Lee Jinglei, from not being known by anyone, to becoming the hottest topic in the entertainment world.Who knew that a young fan would turn out to be the next Mrs. As families across the United States celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, Leehom Wang (王力宏) quietly got married in New York.Leehom’s Surprising Announcements on Weibo Leehom’s dating announcement yesterday was initially met with suspicion by the public.

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However, Leehom did not deny pregnancy speculations, only stating that he cannot respond to all the rumors spreading on the Internet at this time.Both guys have emphatically stated they are totally NOT gay and just really good friends.Then this week the hellgates opened on what might be the most ridiculous revenge breakup in the history of entertainment dating – or those two guys seriously have a psychic connection in finding girlfriends.Lee Jinglei’s Teenage Years The Lees have been friends with Leehom’s parents for many years.

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Lee Jinglei is half Japanese and half Taiwanese, and was known by her Japanese name, Michiko Nishimura, to classmates.

fter Leehom Wang (王力宏) announced his marriage to Columbia University doctoral student, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), curiosity about the beauty spread.