Who is liz phair dating

21-Feb-2021 19:47

It wasn’t intended to be the kind of empowerment porn that calls out misogyny in classic rock (or whatever) but rather just a document of what it’s like to be a young woman fucking around – a narrative that, as evidenced by Phair’s strategy in Exit in Guyville, was noticeably absent from the musical canon.

Much of the buzz surrounding Phair at the time of the album’s release was prompted by her unabashed raunchiness.

To me, Exile in Guyville has always represented what it means to be an adult woman.

My love for Exile now has much less to do with fucking (or fantasizing about fucking) than it does Phair’s prescient (to me) knowledge of how it would feel to be an adult woman existing in what feels like a sea of dudes.

Liz Phair grew up in Winnetka, Illinois, the same place my mom grew up only about a decade earlier.

Annie Fell reflects on how Phair’s debut album The cross that left-leaning cishet white men have to bear is that, no matter how liberal or radical they consider themselves, they will still probably unwittingly conduct their personal lives as members of a ruling class.The experience of listening to Exile, and most of Phair’s subsequent albums, vacillates between feeling like I’m talking shit with my best friend, getting advice from the achingly cool older sister I wish I’d had, and eating greasy take-out alone in bed, completely self-satisfied.While Exile in Guyville didn’t necessarily take a serious stance against the dick-swinging of classic rock, what it did do was arguably more important: it provided women with an earnest analog to it.In the album’s most infamous song, “Flower”—which, according Spin’s oral history of Exile, even Phair was hesitant to release—she chants “I want to fuck you like a dog/ Take you home and make you like it.” Phair’s sexuality was explicit and, unlike nearly every other representation of female sexuality in the media, it wasn’t played up for the male gaze.

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Her songs are like sonic diary entries, divulging the latent desires of a young woman.

Sometimes she wanted to take the nearest guy at the Rainbo Club home and make him like it; sometimes she wanted a boyfriend (and all that stupid old shit, “letters and sodas”).

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