Who is louis theroux dating

24-Dec-2020 11:53

His American-born father is of half French-Canadian and half Italian descent.

Louis Theroux deals with everything from Scientology, to polyamory, to pedophiles on a daily basis, but when it comes to personal questions, he has a tendency to shy away.

"Marriage evolved at a time when we didn’t live that long, so as much as it’s easy to find holes in polyamory, I do completely understand why it works for some people."In a nutshell you’re choosing between jealousy and boredom – do you want to live a life in which you’re dealing with really awkward and difficult jealousies and a sense of insecurity but having quite a fun and exciting time, or go into a semi-narcotised boredom where you feel a lot safer?

"Theroux’s wife Nancy Strang, with whom he has three children, was apparently totally fine with him stripping off in front of – and being touched by – a group of naked strangers during shooting. She’s not the kind of person to be insecure or get in a flap about something like that – [afterwards] she probably just said something like, 'Fine, whatever, by the way you still haven’t taken out the rubbish,' or some random thing that I’d failed to do." he explores euthanasia, both in California.

You are but a mere human, while Louis Theroux is something so much more.

Thanks to the No Context Louis pages on Twitter and Facebook, we’ve brought all his insight into modern-day romance into one handy guide.

Without directly commenting on his cousin and Jennifers chances of reuniting he’s definitely sparked a nostalgia for the pair, who reportedly went through an extremely amicable separation, and remain friends. Email us at [email protected] more lifestyle and celebrity news? -ROO; born ) is a British journalist and broadcaster.He currently works with the BBC, producing his documentaries and popular television series.In a rare exception, the British journalist sat down for a chat with Lisa Wilkinson and spoke remarkably honestly when a family member’s private life came up.

The famously hard to flummox Brit has made his name diving deep into the quirks of human behaviour, and shared his thoughts on that of his cousin Justin and his ex-wife, Jennifer night, the cousin of the groom shared some hilarious, and touching insights.“I think the main thing I thought was: ‘Oh, too bad.His French last name originates from the region around Sarthe and Yonne in France.

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