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18-Feb-2020 15:15

I have two brothers – my older brother Lieutenant Colonel Dipankar is in Pune and Manish, my younger brother, is in LA, USA.

There is just about a year-and-a-half difference between each of us.

And my parents would say, ‘Did they tie your hands and feet and force you to do that?

You are an individual and you have the power of choice.

And since I was taller than all the boys and a complete tomboy, I would constantly beat up the boys.

My grandfather was in the construction business in Himachal Pradesh and I remember once when we were driving through it, a huge shiny truck very arrogantly pushed our little car out of the way and sped away on the empty road. So for some time, I vroomed around like a maniac pretending to be a truck driver. And you won’t believe this but my parents once took me to a famous Durga temple where I made the sign of the cross and started chanting the ‘Our Father in Heaven’ prayer I had learnt in school. After that, I wanted to join the army but I went to a hospital, saw blood and fainted! I went through the phase of wanting to be a part of an entire gamut of careers - from being a cop to the Prime Minister of India, to so many other things… When I was about 13, my parents met with a horrific road accident.I even learnt snake handling at the army cantontment. We travel all across the country and see so many colours and flavours.And for days on end I’d strut around thinking I was the cat’s whiskers, until somebody actually spilt the beans that the fangs of the snakes had been taken out so it wasn’t really dangerous. In fact, I hate that in my friends – even a small lie can make me get into a tizzy. We learn to make friends, to blend in and to be a people’s person.I remember as a child, I used to sometimes do things just because all my friends were doing it.

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And I’d tell my parents, ‘Oh, it’s because all my friends are doing it’.

Since I was ‘buddy buddy’ with all the guys, they’d actually ask me for help to introduce them to the girls they liked. they gave me ` 5,000 which was a fortune for me as a student.

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