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14-Feb-2021 13:47

Everyone has this notion that I’m going to waltz off to Warner Bros. Andy Gould tells me Tom likes me so much that if I’m not happy at Interscope I could easily make the jump. He wrote up a list of everything I did wrong in Philly because he, “Took the higher ground.” I reckon I didn’t get the best friend stamp of approval. Thom decided he’s a working class shmoe who’s faking the rest of it, and apparently the asshole is continuously walking around in my Motely Crue t-shirt. He doesn’t remember how hard our sales team fought to get into Walmart. A bus only has three stairs but they were enough to ruin a great pair of boots and scratch the hell out of my bony spine.

I don’t know why I desperately want to hold on to this relationship even at the expense of my dignity and my t-shirt. Steve Berman told Josh I’m “a bulldog” and their greatest ally. Josh wants me to back him up on releasing “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” as the next single. The heel of my Marc Jacobs’ boot snapped off when I fell down the tour bus stairs.

When they get stopped on the street I pull a sharpie out of my bag. Josh told me everyone at Interscope is singing my praises.

Once I held a meeting with a band and Jimmy spent the entire time lying down, elbow bent, head perched on his hand like a pin-up girl in a baseball cap. I am happy at Interscope and Tom hasn’t asked me to go anywhere. It’s all this Jordan Shure mishegoss running through this company like lava. I told the band, “Usually they’ll only peruse the first three songs.” The very first words on that record: “Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol. ” Lesson #1, tell a band what not to do, and it is the first thing they will do. Every night somewhere in the world there is a band that is the greatest band in the world. Michael carried my heel around, he may still have it, and for reasons still unaccountable we ended up in the back of a cab amidst a sea of Jacksons (I think Michael wanted a trick, and, oh fuck it I don’t know…). These recent trips involve the dynamics of personalities. I prepare for my next role in the backseat of taxies. Meetings and showcases are continuously changing landscapes.