Who is rapper eve dating now

17-Jun-2020 05:37

In January 2017 Sophie was spotted out having dinner with Canadian rapper Drake, while on a trip to Amsterdam.

They appeared to have been having dinner with a group of friends at the restaurant and were seen chatting together happily as they tucked into a Japanese feast.

J-Lo even attended Drake's New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas.

But the pair split in February 2017 due to their hectic schedules.

Eve Torres Eve is dating Rener Gracie R-Truth is single i believe no eve is dating adam coupeland and she said on her real twitter No Eve is not dating Adam Copeland she is dating Rener Gracie she has said so awhile back and she has a photoshoot she did with him why do you think he is always in those videos she does for women she is currently dating randy-Davis and they are now engage that's not true.

She was dating lamar odom before his marriage to reality star Khloe Kardashian.

The two told the British fashion website that they had first met at the 2010 event.She is currently dating Canadian rapper Drake but she has been linked to rapper Common as well.