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25-Apr-2020 10:12

The hair company owner began his tale like this: “He was fine, 6’11, goofy, and very charming, NO WIFE and NEVER been married so of course, I was interested in him.

I kept it very real with him, and he kept it real with me about everything EXCEPT ONE THING…..”He went on to explain: “I thought my good sister was a prostitute, but as my friend took a deeper look into her page, she was actually a host for TRANSGENDER S3X PARTIES that Dwight Howard (allegedly) often attended, so YES, I lost every bit of my mind.”Some are laughing at Royce while others are baffled by the fact that she is mocking the father of her child.

When an athlete reaches the top-tier of their sport, you can sometimes find these individuals dating models and celebrities, though there are those who prefer to reminisce about their days of old and date a cheerleader.

The women who cheer for professional teams are the cream of the crop, all boasting a beauty and talent combination that can make any person jealous.

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Yup, #safaree and #ericamena #cozy together on a #date #lhhny star and #lhhatl star together #pressplay #celebnreality247 #celebnmusic247 this comes from a fan who sent it theshaderoom who posted this first A post shared by Celeb NMusic247 (@celebnmusic247) on According to the spy who happened to be looking around the game to see which celebs were in attendance, they spotted Safaree cozied up courtside Erica Mena.

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The star athlete who everyone loves ends up dating the hottest cheerleader on the squad.One person told her: “Royce was one of my favorites on basketball wives bring her back.🗣I just feel bad for their son. If it is true he needs to sit down and talk with his son. The trans person signed an NDA but I think it went away once he started threatening her,” read another comment.Social Media and bullies are so cruel these days.”“Ohh this explains why she was on basketball wives I thought she was just on there to be on there didn’t know she dated Dwight Girl that’s YOUR baby daddy while you clowning him 😂 but let her tell it, she just here to comment, not to be in the loop, she wasn’t in the business,” a supporter of Royce claimed.“She still had a child with him. Howard has remained silent about the rumors surrounding his sexuality.Each of these women has a unique story about dating these athletes, and we have all the juicy details for your viewing pleasure.

While this list may not inspire you to hit the gym anytime soon, it just might have you wishing that you went pro as opposed to quitting sports to hang out and play video games back in high school.It certainly seems that the two are pretty smitten with each other, as they’ve been subbing each other for weeks without revealing to the world who exactly the new person is in their lives.