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04-Oct-2020 23:46

She is not particularly academically skilled, but she is often told that she is not meeting her full potential.

They wanted that, because then it fed their whole narrative.

is coming back to television with a new series of HBO Max!

And while the new series won't feature the iconic Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf, it will definitely be filled with some amazing new characters and, of course, a whole lot of relationship drama.

“The shocking thing was, I found out on the set of the season 2 finale that Blake and Penn had broken up months before,” co-producer and writer Joshua Safran told .

“They kept the breakup hidden from the crew, which you could never do now. They kept it from everybody which is a testament to how good they are as actors.

Novels: Fashion model High school student Dutch shipping heiress Socialite Television: Socialite Fashion model (former) Publicist (former) High school student (at Constance Billard; graduated) College student (at Columbia)Gossip Girl (former)William van der Woodsen (father) Lillian "Lily" van der Woodsen (mother) Eric van der Woodsen (brother) Television: Bartholomew "Bart" Bass (former stepfather; deceased) Rufus Humphrey (former stepfather / father-in-law) Scott Rosson (maternal half-brother) Charles "Chuck" Bass (former stepbrother / adoptive brother) Jenny Humphrey (former stepsister / sister-in-law) Henry Bass (nephew, via Chuck and Blair) Rick and Celia "Ce Ce" Rhodes (maternal grandparents) Serena Celia van der Woodsen is a main character in the Gossip Girl novel series and the lead in its TV adaptation, in which she is portrayed by Blake Lively.