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11-Oct-2020 12:07

Throughout my junior high and high school years, he would call me into his class room to discuss silly insignificant things like the color I had chosen to make my geography maps.

Once, when there was a torrential rain pour after school (a rarity in our area of Alaska), I ran outside laughing and twirling as the fourteen year old child that I was.

I suddenly caught a glimpse of him staring through the glass doors, frozen, with a look on his face that made me hug my arms over my baggy boy’s polo shirt I was wearing and run inside, feeling guilty and dirty.

He later told me that he thought that moment of watching a young teen was one of the most seductive things he had seen.

On May 27th, Teresa Pecinovsky wrote a guest blog post on Rachel Held Evan’s I Will Not Be Silent Anymore in response to the #yesallwomen campaign site about a professor and minister who had repeatedly contacted her, slowly chipping away at her defenses until he sent her a sexually explicit text.

She then was sick with guilt wondering what she had done.

Eventually in college, I was able to break all contact with him.

Alaska’s age of consent is 16 and nothing he was doing was overtly sexual so it wasn’t illegal.

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In fact, the more authoritarian the church is, the more important this rule becomes.I went to a small Christian school with about a hundred children K-12 and it was also a nondenominational church and community center.

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