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Just as stress leads to the release of "fight or flight" chemicals into her body, exercise releases happy hormones -- such as serotonin. Cranky behavior can be a sign that a woman is overwhelmed.

Invite her to accompany you to the gym, the pool, for a walk, or any other physical activity that can get her heart pumping and give her muscles a workout. Often tasked with balancing many duties and looking out for children, husbands, family and friends, a woman can tire from caregiving.

Other foods that can make her feel better are blue potatoes with skins -- which contain antioxidants that reduce inflammation, which can dampen her spirits; Greek yogurt -- for calming calcium; and Swiss chard -- for a dose of magnesium to help her body regulate hormones, enzymes and other chemicals to decrease depression.

For Judy Kilpatrick, gardening is the best mental health therapy of all.

Then try a brief touch, putting your palm on his leg or holding his hand, and ask if there's something bothering him.

"A light touch communicates an added level of compassion.

"Belly fat has a hormone in it that converts testosterone to estrogen," says Diamond, "so if he has actually put on a few pounds, that could be threatening his feelings of attractiveness on several levels—not just feeling fat, but also feeling less energetic and less sexual." Right now, James Bond he is not. "When someone's feeling extra sensitive, their perceptions can be off, but flat-out denying those just makes it worse," says Brody.

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If you validate her feelings through your sincere interest in her concerns, she can be relieved of the stress and frustration that makes her feel cranky, even when no solution is identified. in "Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression," included among the mood-altering effects of exercise are less anger and cynical distrust and stronger feelings of connection."If he's focusing on his gut, suggest he cut down on beer.