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It will be much more interactive since he will be answering questions submitted by the audience.” What better day to come speak to a group of college students about their love lives than Valentine’s Day, you ask? I’ll even go so far as saying that my problem goes beyond the fact that we are expected to take relationship advice from a middle-aged man who is nearing his seven-month anniversary with his girlfriend. I do, however, have a problem with the sheer timing of this event.

It is no coincidence that the doc is scheduled on Valentine’s Day.

You wash up, throw on a sweatshirt, sweatpants, Ugg boots, grab your books and head out. He looks adorable, even in sweatpants, and you literally crawled out of bed. If he slows down, you can too, but keep your conversation brief and thoughtful. Nothing is more unnerving to an ex than seeing that you have moved on with your life. DC: People who begin to run, train themselves to run for the rest of their lives. HC: Since you both go to the same college, would trying to “stay friends” be a smart move? Be the bigger person “Since you're going to bump into him sometimes, try to keep a friendship. Don’t freak out if you catch him with another girl at a party, and look for a new guy ASAP!

You’d like to run into your ex-boyfriend and make him think, “I wish I still dated her,” but instead your current ensemble likely leaves him thinking, “Thank God I’m NOT still dating her.” Now what do you do? HC: What are savvy ways to avoid running into him on campus? Getting over this person will take time and distance. DC: If you are physically attracted to your ex, still romantically interested in him or if he can make you jealous by what they say or do, you cannot become "just friends." True friends are rare. ”--Anon., Providence College 2013 "I think that it is best to just act friendly.

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SPB event coordinator Felicia Trinka explained that Coleman is not an unfamiliar face to the Canisius campus.

It can truly upset the balance of friendship between those who are sucked into the fray as collateral damage.