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He spent some time at the Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana, before enrolling at the University of Michigan.While he was at university, he was active in the Reserve Officers Training Corps.I've known you wanted this forever." Jade said."Well ya, kinda." Tori said."When's the date, I didn't hear that part of the convo." Jade asked."It's tomorrow at 8." Tori said."What I thought me, you and Cat were going to have our weekly sleepover." Jade said."I know but we rescheduled just come with Cat, she's coming to my house at ." Tori said."That's a little late to be out with a boy don't ya think." Jade said."No…" Tori said."I'm just kidding, well see ya later." Jade said."Bye." Tori said.Vega kiss)"Uck." Tori said.(Tori walks upstairs)"Trina." Tori said."What?

He remained at his Command Post despite being mortally wounded by enemy shell fire.

" Tori screams while doing her happy dance."Hey, I'm home." Mr.