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It seems the only prospector for these nuggets are the occasional interviews in which they participate.We can only hope more interesting facts come from the horse's mouth more often. In other news, today is The Legend of Zelda's (and my grandma's) birthday! director Masahiro Sakurai's daily SSB4 picture features a familiar Zelda related item: a fairy in a bottle.Check out the full results, including bronze and Eiji Aonuma's picks, here!

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Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi Ware, and Wii Ware games are affected.

I'm sure that there will be a surge in online play for all the affected games in the coming months. These kinds of scrapped ideas, as well as other interesting tidbits of information, are often revealed years and even decades after a game's release, and The Legend of Zelda games have plenty of them (which I plan to document in the future; more on that later).