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Before the Swish and Trash cymbals, there was the imported cymbals of China.Made from the same bronze formula as Turkish cymbals (B20), the Chinese used a completely different method to produce their cymbals.Comments purely aimed at pricing random cymbals will generally not be approved unless contributes to the discussion of cymbal dating practices.Each Zildjian cymbal that is made carries a maker’s stamp.Little G on the Edge Many old K Zildjian cymbals from Istanbul are marked with a small letter “G” toward the edge on the underside.This marking indicates that the cymbal was distributed by the Gretsch Drum Company.

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B1) Other cymbal identifiers may be lost over time, such as stickers, ink labels, grease pencil writing, and signatures under the bell.

These were contemporaneous with the K Zildjians from Turkey, but the styles diverge greatly.

Click here to see a timeline of A Zildjian cymbals.

This website contains several embedded discussions of specific cymbal timelines, beyond this introductory front page.

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